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Indoor Nature

Beautiful Indoor Garden Designs

Check out these beautiful indoor garden ideas and get the inspiration to add green to your living space and feel the serene atmosphere.

Beautiful Interior Decor Ideas with Cactus

Cactus is very easy to live in various environment, especially indoors. The following ideas would give you essential source of inspiration to refresh you home look with this kind of lovely plant and make your home lovelier.

Tips for Styling Up Your Living Space with Indoor Plants

Decorating a or series of beautiful plants indoor is so wonderful to give this space the charming, fresh looks. But you have to choose carefully the best plants that can grow up beautifully with no much care, lights and watering.

Interesting Tips & Ideas to Bring Wheatgrass into Your Home this Spring

People like to bring most beautiful nature into their home this season to upgrade the green and inspiring living space. And wheatgrass is the most favorite ideas this season. Take a look at these wheatgrass decor ideas and explore the awesome, gre...

Amazing Houseplant Ideas to Bring Green Nature Indoors

Houseplants are great & creative ways to bring nature indoors. There're various simple ideas to decorative and green up your home with several everyday items like these examples below.

Lovely DIY Succulent Planter Arrangement Ideas

Whether it's large or small, these gorgeous DIY succulent planter arrangement ideas would be source of inspiration to give your home the lovely touch of green.

Boxcar Planter - Beautiful Home Decor by Urbilis

The new creative vision for modern home décor designed by Urbilis would be the innovative ideas to bring green plants in. The design named Boxcar Planter. Let create the levels of oxygen and bring the calm atmosphere in even in just a very small p...

Plant Bondage - Exotic Ideas to Bring Nature Inside

If you are seeking for bringing green and exotic things to your small home, these sculptural Plant Bondage by Light + Ladder would be fantastic ideas to try now. Taking inspiration from the bonsai tradition of Kokedama, the Plant Bondage featured ...

Natural World Indoors with The Hanging Glass Terrarium From CB2

Home design retailer CB2 offers the natural world indoors with the Hanging Glass Terrarium, handmade from chemist-approved beaker glass, that can allow you to display plants and flowers within any interior. Moreover, this Hanging Glass Terrarium c...

Beautiful Window Treatments with Flowering Boxes

If you're seeking for something exciting to refresh your large window with thin curtain, adding some small window boxes with colorful flower shades are wonderful ideas to try. The refreshing greenery from these small pots herbs or plants will alwa...

Beautiful Home Decors with Tropical Breaths

These favorite home décor with exotic greenery ideas will cover up your living space with full of tropical breaths and make it look relaxing and loveable.

Unique Wall Planters for Urban Spaces

Living in a big city often translates to limited living space, which makes it difficult to maintain an extensive green environment. This is the exact the reason why a wall planter is a popular choice of decoration. Air plants, succulents, moss, he...

Attractive Air Plant Designs for Greenery Indoor Garden

Even you're living in a small apartment with small living space, these exciting air plant designs below are so essential to set up an indoor garden with Zen elements. These designs are variety from materials, designs from glass jar, natural stone,...

Gorgeous Ideas to Bring Outdoor Nature In

It's wonderful to cheer up living space and fulfill this with fresh atmosphere by bringing the outdoor green in. Take a look at these beautiful indoor garden designs below to get natural indoor atmosphere and relax yourmind now!

Amazing Indoor Garden Systems for Fresh Living Space

These small yet inspiring indoor garden systems are the stunning ideas to welcome natural beauty and fresh air to your home and relax your mind after stressful moment.

Alternative Ideas to Feature Indoor Ponds

There're nothing more wonderful than enjoying the joyful aquarium living and releasing all stress. These alternative indoor ponds are the ultra-gorgeous ideas to help your create the fresh living space with lovely indoor plants, fish and statue.

Stylish Spring DIY Planters

Planting is right what you need to enjoy the fresh nature and relax your mind in spring. To spruce up your home and garden in green style, you can follow these very stylish DIY planters and get ideas for your own home. Enjoy!

Beautify Your Bathroom with Spring Plants & Flowers

The small space like bathroom always need to be decorated and lightened up with various energy elements like green plants and flowers. The power of that beautiful plants would add more eye-catching yet fresh atmosphere to that small space to relax...

Creative Hanging Garden Designs

To many modern with small living space, these hanging garden designs are the creative, exotic ideas to welcome the beautiful nature indoor the house. Let take a look on these exciting designs to inspire up your innovative home with the airy atmosp...

Unique Vases For Modern & Minimalist Homes

Far different from traditional designs, these glam vases feature bold hues and mind-blowing geometric shapes that will never fail to impress. Check out the following collection of original vase designs, suitable for modern, minimalist or even cont...