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Sanitary Ware

Alternative Stone Bathtub Designs

The fantastic bathtubs from natural stone in various designs are the awesome ideas to give alternative touch to every corner of bathroom.

Statement-Making Floating Vanities & Sink Consoles

To many modern bathroom spaces, designing a floating vanity or sink console on the wall would save much space and add more elegant, luxurious touches as well. Check out these minimalist, sleek ideas below and get the most perfect for yours!

Babulous Acrylic Bathtubs in Various Shapes

These modern, acrylic bathtubs in various shapes and fresh white is part creating the elegant bathroom.

Unique Vessel Sinks for Modern Bathrooms

If you're seeking for a unique ad special thing for refreshing your small bathroom, these stylish vessel sinks would be wonderful ideas. With the bold colors, unexpected designs and special materials, these will bring a new looks to brighten up th...

Relaxing Wooden Bathtub Designs [PHOTOS]

White bathtubs may look plastic and cold, and that’s the reason why a wooden bathtub fits well in a modern or minimalist interior. Moreover, installing a wooden bathtub in your bathroom will create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere, a perfect place t...

Ultra Luxurious and Trendy Transparent Bathtub Designs

Glass bathtubs with modern glass manufacturing is becoming popular in interior design with its spectacular and classy style. Featuring smooth curves, various colours and trendy designs, the following ultra luxurious transparent bathtubs will make ...

Vessel: Relaxing Hammock or Elegant Bathtub? It's Both.

Studio Splinter Works has combined the functionality of a bathtub with the design of a hammock in an elegant "hammock tub" made of carbon fibre. At 2.7m long, the Vessel is longer than a regular bathtub. It is suspended from wall to wall without t...

Innovative Bathtubs for Exciting Moments

Bathtub is part of every showering space that could bring relaxing feels and style up the looks as well. Depending on your home styles and areas, we's just pick out some incredible ideas to help you a hand in featuring new bathroom with tons of in...

Elegant & Stunning Round Bathtub Design Ideas

A bathtub may not only function as a spa sanctuary where you can release stress and unwind after a day of work, but it can create a spectacular focal point in your bathroom. Nowadays, round bathtubs are getting more and more popular in bathroom in...

Charming White Bathroom Vanities from Quality Bath

The latest bathboom vanities collection from Quality Bath featured from different elegant designs mixing with harmonious decors still meet the efficient functions would be the perfect ideas to refresh your shower space.

Luxe Up the Bathrooms with Futuristic Shower Designs

Showerhead is very important part of the modern bathroom designs to provide the relaxing shower time to its owners and exciting atmosphere also. These modern showers from various designers around the world harmonized the modern technique with the ...

Modern Furniture for Small Bathrooms by Novello

The Italian company Novello presents the exotic furniture collection as the smart solutions for small bathroom. The collection includes various elegant designs in lovely colors to help you refresh the relaxing space with stylish appearances.

Amazing In-Floor Bathtubs

In-floor bathtubs can offer a resort-like ambiance and a one of a kind feel. Check out these dramatic and extravagant in-floor bathtub designs that will make your bathroom a luxurious and relaxing spa-like space.

Creative Bathtubs for Home More Luxurious

Bathtub is important part of bathroom in creating its style. Here are some stylish bathtubs that will add more elegant and luxurious look to bathrooms. From vintage to modern styles, they all will give you the most comfortable moment.

Cute Bathroom Ideas for Modern Home

Let make your bathroom funnier, colorful and more exciting with these modern sanitary ware. The mixing between various colors and modern decorating elements make your bathroom totally leisure with great & warming looks.

Aqua Vita - Elegant Washbasin Made of Wood

Water features and wood may be combined very well and you can achieve an amazing effect in your bathroom, kitchen or elsewhere. This wooden washbasin, dubbed "Aqua Vita," was designed by Sokolova Ekateryna. "Elegance" and "simplicity" describe thi...

Cal Spas Introduces the iSpa and

Cal Spas announced today the official launch of and the upcoming availability of the iSpa through authorized Cal Spas dealers. Developed in response to consumer demand for a modern, 2-person portable hot tub, the iSpa became availab...

Decorative Shower Door - Shower Box doors from Antonio Lupi

Have you ever thought about having decorative shower doors? Antonio Lupi takes creativity to a whole new level by introducing decorative doors to his Shower Box design. His aim is to provide a more complete range of bathroom products.

Retro Modern Bathroom Furniture from Eurolegno by designer Marco Poletti – Amarcord

Designer Marco Poletti has artfully combined luxurious materials, fabulous finishes and meticulous details in his stylish Amarcord collection of retro-modern bathroom furniture for Eurolegno.

Classic Single Wide Sink Console

Our Classic Single Wide Sink Console is designed with the quality and detail that distinguish all Pottery Barn furniture. Available in our new white finish or in a deep, rich espresso, it’s built with a solid hardwood frame that’s fitted with a wh...