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Brick Walls & Ceilings for Cozy Bathrooms

Brick walls and ceilings sticked in the following bathrooms would not only add more stylish, chic to shower space but also make these cozier and full of romantic classic atmoshere.

Soaking in Style: Luxurious and Freestanding Bathtub Designs

Do you love to soak in a classic clawfoot corner-tub design, stark contemporary bathtub or something as relaxing as a hammock? Whether the style you like, we hope the selection of luxurious, freestanding and elegant bathtub designs below will fit ...

5 Fun and Quirky Bathroom Accessories

Show off your individual style and add some fun to your own bathroom with the following 5 quirky yet stylish accessories like shower curtain or toilet paper sticker. These accessories are really unusual that will make your bathroom look more extra...

Interesting Modern Wash Basin Designs

Wash basins are an essential accessories in bathroom and are becoming the wonderful focal points for this intimate space. So, if you feel bored with the round and oval designs, you can check out the following outstanding and interesting modern was...

Modern, Chic Bathroom Vanities

Vanities are part of every bathroom and could be wonderful accessories to add more elegant and chic looks to every showering space.

Water-saving multi-functional Bathtub Design

Need a new bathtub design that can save water? The interior designers Seung Hyun Lee, il Woong Jwa, Bom Yi Le and Jiwon Moon have teamed up to create this multi-water save bathub with an exclusive tilt function that allows you to save water when e...

Deluxe Your Bathroom with Colored Tiles

Would your like to refresh your bathroom and fest your eyes as well? These colored tiles will be the perfect solution to protect and color up the showering space. Take a look on these gorgeous bathrooms and get the inspiration to luxe up your bath...

Wacky Bath Rugs & Mats

A proper bath rug or a mat may not only be a practical and comfortable bathroom accessory, but can also complement or spice up the look of the room, while creating a safe environment. For those of you, who are looking for a fresh and fun update to...

Vamp Up your Bathroom with Classical Luxury Vanities

Bathrooms are the most personal place where people could come and enjoy the warm shower to release all stress. Among plenty of suggestions to refreshing that place, and luxe and vamp up this place by adding some classic vanities and luxurious deco...

Modern Glass Shower Doors for Sexy Bathrooms

These stunning glass showers featured in creative and variety of glamorous technological feasibility that will be the smart choices to add more elegant & sexy looks to bathrooms.

Artistic Shower Screen Designs by Riccardo Fattori

These beautiful shower screens featured from glass materials with artistic graphics are exciting designs by Riccardo Fattori for the Antonio Lupi. Featuring from 8 mm thick glass, these awesome screens bring bathroom beautiful touch of floral, hum...

Joyful Colored Sinks

If you are bored with the typical sinks in basic colors, you should consider these modern, colored sinks below. These sinks are designed in various colors mixing with awesome shapes that can be the attractive ways to cheer up your home.

Lovely Wash Basin Designs by Bathco

If you are looking for something stylish and cool for your bathroom, you can take a look on these glamorous wash basin designs by Bathco. The white designs and black patterns inspired from the beautiful flowers will be the best solution for stylis...

Basin Collection - An Artistic Bathroom Accessory Design

The white bathroom accessory collection named Basin is designed by Roca. The collection is the combination between white color with black paintings to create the artistic looks in contrast styles. With the imigination of the designers, 4 famous de...

High-End Bathroom Accessories for Bathroom More Luxury

To redecorate your bathroom, make it more modern and more luxurious, you should declutter and add some high-end accessories. In this case, using stanless steel and glass are best solutions.

Immaculate Mini Lawn In Your Loo

They say walking on fresh grass increases your blood circulation; I can’t vouch for that!


The new Aranel collection , made in laser cutting aluminum and white painted, exalts the simple and essential design of the forms .

Luxury Bath Vanities 'Dream' from Cima - French boudoir with no boundaries

A French boudoir with no boundaries, the luxury bath vanities entitled ‘Dream’ from Cima are for those who relish opulent Hollywood glamour with a traditional touch. Evocative of Baroque and Byzantine styles, these ornate vanities are sure to add ...

Sustainable Bamboo Bath Caddy w/ Book Stand & Wine Glass Holder

Darling, you deserve to take a nice long soak. Pour in your favorite soapy suds and then load up this gorgeous sustainable bamboo bath caddy with all your bath-time essentials: wine, a completely indulgent magazine (or Jane Austen) and wine.

Paris 1 Chrome Bathroom Faucet - Without Lever

Change the way you look at your bathroom vanity with the Paris 1 faucet. This contemporary faucet has a chrome finish for endurance and easier cleaning. Consisting of a solid brass core, The Paris 1 has a smooth and balanced mixer handle, and drip...