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In the Still of the Night...A Garden Blooms - Planting a Moon Garden

Maya-Rose Nash Dreams Alive Magazine
In the Still of the Night...A Garden Blooms - Planting a Moon Garden

The brilliant summer hours of light begin to the sun shuts its sleepy eye on the day. A covert magic is about to unfold as night casts its shadow over the land! The sultry air carries the scent of sweet nectar through a garden filled with flowers that appear to glow in the moon light. Shimmering silvery foliage that was hardly noticed in the day light is transformed as if by magic in the shadows of the nightfall.

How sad for those who only plant a day-time garden, for the real joy begins under the veil of darkness. How lucky we are there are plants just right for nocturnal viewing.

These are the plants whose flowers only open at night to offer their magnificent fragrance but they are Mother Nature’s way to attract the night pollinating moths and bats. These flowers are more highly scented at night for that reason; after all, nature never sleeps!

Gardens can be designed around a Moon theme or white garden and will look fabulous both day and night. You will want to choose the right spot in which to plant your Moon garden as you will want several viewing points. Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy your Moon garden not only from the outside but from perhaps a living room window, porch or deck?

Always choose white, cream or yellow colored flowers and vines. Be sure to add different size flowers, as a variety of sizes and textures will be more interesting. Don't be afraid to add some brilliant reds and blues for the daytime audience! Silvery leafed plants reflect the moonlight so beautifully so add a mix such as, Dusty Miller, Artemisia and Lambs Ear. A MUST for a Moon garden is, of course, Moon Flowers. A close cousin of the more popular Morning Glory, Moonflower (Ipomoea alba,) an annual, is breath taking with its huge almost tissue-like in appearance flowers with heart shaped leaves and fantastic fragrance! Remember they must be noticeable to attract those night pollinating moths!

Moonflowers are quick growing vines that can reach ten feet, watch as they climb towards the moon! It’s best to plant in an area which will get full to partial sun through the day. Its best to sow directly in the garden at the desired area after the danger of frost has passed. Keeping the day time audience in mind, alternate moon flower seeds with morning glory seeds to guarantee blooming vines both night and day!

Another essential for a moon garden is Jasmine Tobacco (Sweet Scented Alata) a very sweet smelling plant with white trumpet-shaped flowers. Plant the seeds as you do for moon flowers. Other good selections include White Angels Trumpet (toloache) Super White Candy Tuft, Daisies, White Impatients, Snow White Carnations (dianthus caryophyllus) and Honeysuckle .Let your mind's eye open to the wonders of white growing magically in the shadows.

Maya-Rose Nash - Psychic Maya Nash is known locally, In the Hudson Valley New York ,as ‘WRCR 1300AM’ resident psychic. A frequent guest on the Steve and Sophia Show, Maya has done radio around the tri-state area where she does live psychic readings on air for the listeners. Maya has also been a guest on local cable TV .

Maya is the author of a book ’The Magic Within’, a handbook to awaken the spirit by drawing upon the elements of nature. Her second book ‘A Modern Day Book of Simples’ was released in Spring 2004. If you love the romance and magic of a Victorian garden, then you will love this book/journal filled with herbal lore and legend, gardening tips, recipes and crafts and a section of floromancy-the language of flowers and herbs. For information on where to purchase, use contact info below. Maya’s new book "Fairy Play" will be released in Summer 2005

Maya has appeared at Madison Square Garden, the New York Renaissance Faire, Nyack First Night, as well as many corporate events. She has done lectures for civic and community groups and always draws a large crowd at the presentations she gives at local libraries. The topics she will discuss include the History of Witchcraft, The Origin of Halloween, The History of The Tarot, The Art of the Tea Party/Tea Leaf Reading and exploring the fairy realm.

Maya has been featured in the Rockland Journal News several times and is known as the area’s favorite and most outspoken witch! Weekends she also runs a small shop In Nyack NY called Mind Over Matter

You can book Maya for either psychic readings or for discussions on her book, or on the topics mentioned at:, or call (845) 300-1967