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Trackday in the Kitchen

Suzanne Boyd Elemente Magazine
Trackday in the Kitchen

Zero to turkey in 48 minutes, the new TurboChef Oven cooks the competition

It’s a classic take on the retro theme: a streamlined body, incorporating ‘50s design elements, molded chrome handles, period paint job, timeless lines and a powerplant that would leave any autophile envious. It’s not a retrofitted ’51 Merc’ Coupe running a tricked out 350 in a 15- coat pearlescent paintjob and 9 bolt Chevy rear end – it’s the autobahn kitchen equivalent, the Speedcook oven by TurboChef.
The SpeedCook is the souped-up epicurean solution to the modern-day time crunch. It is high-end, professional kitchen technology modified for home use – like throwing a Bentley V12 into Mrs. Mather’s 1950’s range-top. The fastest set of Airspeed Technology in town, this retro-fitted oven can cook a perfect turkey in 48 minutes, beating any others off the line by one-tenth the time. This much improved upon ‘turkey turnaround’ device will now require a complete rethink on the classic 5:00 am cooking procedures of old.

Emotive colours of orange, red and blue, coupled with a 50s-style analog clock harkens to the warmth and familiarity of feel-good days gone by. Her body is sculptural, inviting a caressing touch. Her rich textures and finishes invite a tactile experience. Her steering wheel is one of a kind, allowing easy maneuverability through the cooking options. Proven built in, easy-to-use, intuitive technology means even a rookie driver is always in control.

She’ll do zero to 60 in less time than you can say Baked Alaska, blasting hot air through the oven cavity, over and over until the dish is done. Like a finely tuned Ferrari, the Turbochef engine is built around ‘kitchen racebred technology’ incorporating restaurant proven engineering and technology. Like a Scaglietti, the TurboChef’s engine is designed with one purpose in mind, to cook the competition.
This premiere model of high performance cookery is available in the U.S. for $7,895. TurboChef will appeal to those looking to put a high-design showpiece under their roof, as well as those with a love for cooking. Or you could take it out for a day at the track and show the local Porsche jockey’s real performance – dinner included.


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