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Improve Your Health

Karen Rauch Carter iVillage
Improve Your Health

The center, or heart, of your home is such a special place. It holds your physical energies. Everyone knows that when you don't have your health, it seems like everything else is out of balance. That's why this life situation's energy is in the center of the home. It is the only part of the home that touches the other eight areas of life on the bagua (the map of your home according to feng shui).

Some homes feel like there is no heart, and it usually shows in the people who live there. I like to recommend creating an altar or a sacred space somewhere near the center of the home to make sure you have a place for your intentions for optimal health to reside.


Things to ADD:

Earth: The earth elements reign supreme in this spot, so feel free to load it up. A live plant that is growing in some fresh soil can really improve your energies for health and balance. I also like using a plant because it actually needs attention and nurturing. If you nurture the plant, the universe will repay you in kind.

Yellows and Earth Tones: Sometimes all it takes is a simple shift in color to bring about a dramatic shift in energy. Adding yellows and even more bland earth tones to your health and balance zone can improve your health ch'i. Try a pot of fresh yellow mums in a pot of real earth.

Laughter: Laughter is the best medicine. Add something that tickles your funny bone in the center of your space to hold a light-hearted energy for your health.

Squares and Flat Stuff: Squares and flat items exude the energetic movement that works well in this area, so let's say a flat, square, stone coffee table would be about perfect! Mix and match with these shapes to get what feels right for you.

Religious Objects: Some people like having a reminder of the higher forces of the universe around and the center is one of the better places to put them. The religious style or symbolism doesn't matter -- the intention behind it does. If the symbol is made of stone, so much the better.


Things to REMOVE:

Wood: Wood uproots earth in feng shui terms, so it's best to keep it out of the center. Push those tall plants to the side.

Columnar Shapes: Anything shaped like a tree's trunk has an upward movement of energy that doesn't work to your advantage here. Columns, tall wooden curios and spiral staircases all are potential hazards in the health gua.

Green: With the exception of a healthy plant, the color green can hinder the helpful healthy energies you are trying to gather here.


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