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Get More Help From Others With Feng Shui

Karen Rauch Carter iVillage
Get More Help From Others With Feng Shui

The helpful people and travel section is located in the front right-hand side of your home as you enter the front door. For more help locating this area, refer to our detailed bagua (the road map of your home according to feng shui).

This area of your house can hold all kinds of fun energy for you. For example, if you travel too much or too little you can even that out here. If you find yourself doing everything for yourself with no help -- I call this "Little Red Hen Syndrome" -- you can shift the energies to be more helpful in life. If you feel out of sync with everything going on around you, this spot can get you in the groove. Or, if you are in some sort of legal battle, home purchase or sale, need medical attention, or any other major event where you really need to be treated fairly and justly, this part of the house can get things in control for you.


Things to ADD:

Silver and Gray: These two colors are very helpful here. I don't care if it's aluminum foil -- put it here. My signature cure is to place a silver box in the helpful people and travel area to hold a space for your needed energies. Write down anything you need help with (and word it in such a way as it is affirming -- do not use the words need or want in these sentences -- say "thank you for ..." or "I am now enjoying ..." instead) on a piece of paper and place the paper in the box. I prefer the box have a lid. It seems to garner more respect. If you are in a legal situation, put your opponents' names (business cards perhaps?), as well as any legal documents in the box. If the box is not big enough, then wrap it up in aluminum foil. And make your intention to bring about a fair outcome. Hands: If you are looking for a helping hand, put one or more hands in this spot. It can be quite a powerful symbol to have working for you if you give it the right intention.

Symbols of Helpful Beings: Here's where the angels and religious statues and pictures can really be beneficial within your home. If you don't have anything like that lying around to use, then try books from your favorite self-help authors. This is a great spot to have your copy of my book Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life if you are looking for feng shui help!

Pictures or Symbols of Your Favorite Travel Destinations: If you are looking to travel, then use photos of the destination here. Heck, throw the globe over in this corner and see what comes of it if you aren't too picky about where you'll end up! But seriously folks, the more clear the intention, the better the odds of success. I like using travel postcards for this exercise.

Bells: A bell is a great symbol of calling attention to your needs. Have a bell close by and see who starts helping out. Maybe the teenagers will clean their dirty rooms after all!


Things to REMOVE:

Junk: You've got to clear a path to yourself so all these helpful people can find you. Get anything that is hampering their view out of your space and your life.

Drains: If you've got a drain in this corner of the home, your helpful energies may be flowing away from you before they can help. Balance this by placing red tape around the outgoing pipes (under sinks and such) with red tape or ribbon. Take red fingernail polish and paint the underside of the drain. Do both the tape or paint/fingernail cure with the intention of stopping your helping energies from going down the drain.



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