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Feng Shui & Children: Conceiving, Raising and Improving Your Relationships With Children

Karen Rauch Carter iVillage
Feng Shui & Children: Conceiving, Raising and Improving Your Relationships With Children

Creativity and children live together in the same part of your home (according to feng shui) because they share the same energies. Creative people and children are both free to express themselves, no matter what other people may think. And when they are around, fun is always nearby.

So let's get creative about what to place in this part of the house for both free expression and for anything to do with kids (conceiving them, raising them, having better relationships with them). To get started, walk in your front door, turn to the right and walk 1/3 of the way to the back of your home. This is your children and creativity area. For more help locating this zone, refer to our detailed bagua (the road map of your home according to feng shui).


Things to ADD:

Metal: Metal is the element of choice for this area. Metal picture frames are one of the easiest things to use, particularly those with pictures of kids in them. Or use pots and pans if the creativity and children zone in your house is the kitchen. Snoop around -- you'll find something!

White: The color white equals metal in feng shui. Here's where those white apartment walls finally come in handy. White towels in the bathroom or white dishes can do the same thing.

Round Stuff: Look for circles and balls, such as a white metal clock sitting next to the brass bell on the round, mosaic, handmade table with metal legs in the artist's studio. See how things suddenly start to have meaning?

Fun Stuff: If you're having fun, you are that much closer to being creative. So, this part of your home would be a great place to put games, instruments, toys, music collections, art displays or heck, even the TV if that's all you've got.

Hobbies and Crafts: If you want to be more active and creative in your craft activities, try using this part of your house to do them.

Things to REMOVE:

Fire: Fire melts metal, and it will burn you out in just about any activity. Remove the candle collection from this spot. If you have a fireplace in this part of the home or room, here's the occasion to hang a mirror above it. Mirrors equal water in feng shui, so you would be putting out the fire with the water.

Red: If fire is out, then so are "hot" colors. Reds will snuff out your creativity faster than a hurricane can blow out a match. Triangular or Pointy Objects: Since these shapes represent fire, it's best to leave them out of this space. Eat your bowl of Doritos somewhere else, my friend.

And finally, some quick tips for the ultimate creative act -- trying to get pregnant:

  1. Do not sweep around the bed when you want energy to "settle in."
  2. Enhance the creativity and children with baby items -- perhaps a silver rattle to get the metal element working for you as well?
  3. Place a spiritual or religious object in the bedroom during the time you are trying.
  4. Don't hammer nails into the house while trying to conceive.
  5. And have fun!


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