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How to Modernize your Bathroom with Vessel Sinks

How to Modernize your Bathroom with Vessel Sinks - Bathroom - Sinks

Bathrooms have come a long way in the past years, and finding ways to modernize a current bathroom is always a challenge of many homeowners. The most common way to bring an outdated bathroom up to modern day design trends is to update the major components: bathtub/shower, and sink. Since your guests use the sink every time they enter the bathroom, vessel sinks are a modern amenity that gives a lot of “bang for your buck”, and it gives an instant wow factor that homeowners and guests appreciate. Here are tips for modernizing your bathroom with vessel sinks.

  • Choose a sink that reflects in your bathroom:  Vessel sinks come in a variety of styles to match any decorative style you may have in your bathroom. If your bathroom is a natural blend of Zen inspired influences, a natural stone vessel sink may be more in tune with your decorative style. While a modern and minimalistic bathroom with sleek cabinetry and fixtures may opt for a glass or lacquered look finish sink with complimentary plumbing controls.

  • Make your vessel the showstopper of the bathroom: The joy of vessel sinks is their ability to show off their functionality and beauty at the same time. Create a focal point of your bathroom with vessel sinks that look as beautiful as their duty. From vessel sinks that infuse a lighting fixture from below, to vessel sinks that look like a piece of artwork. Discover why homeowners love their unique vessel sinks.


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